One thing I can not locate inverter in my samsung R laptop , where is it, my screen goes dim after i changed new lcd after 2 weeks…. On booting process, there is a short flashing s on a right screen size and from that moment just dark screen with very dark desktop gui. In the end I got it repaired by:. Finally, I disconnected the screen backlight lamp connector from the inverter board and connected my test backlight lamp I removed it from another cracked screen. Just wanted to say thank you. However, with a flashlight you can see that the computer is functioning just fine. But there is a crack on the outside and the damage to my screen is on the same spot on the inside.

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Wiemens March 25, Jason January 2, The screen is still working but I can see only a very dull image. Monitors work fine with the laptop.

I get the laptop home and…. I did all updates, system and drivers, but no joy.

I am getting very mixed advice skemens confusions. I just read this article after Fujitsu siemens amilo pro v2010 bought and try the inverter replacement. Bob June 9, But after I installed the new one, I am still having some issues on the display. I am now certain that the inverter. The image on screen is very dimm. Hope someone here can give me few tips how to test it.

Troubleshooting backlight failure | Laptop Repair

Finally, I replace my inverter fujitdu like previous guy said it worked for 2 seconds with a strange noise from inside and then again the same problem a faight black image without noise. The website I ordered it fujitsu siemens amilo pro v2010 did not have the exact part number I needed, but it did offer an inverter that was compatible with the part number of the original.

Have no experience with this hardware. But I guess the whole lcd is the fujitsu siemens amilo pro v2010 way. Second, in most a,ilo you cannot upgrade the motherboard.

I was replacing the LCD screen on a Gateway laptop and purchased a new one with exactly the same model number, but… the revision was different. Packard Bell with dead motherboard and Fujitsu siemens amilo pro v2010 with screen that shows faint image.

Probably you can find a non-working motherboard for Satellite Siemesn on eBay, desolder the connector and solder it to your motherboard, but it requires some very good soldering skills.

New screen installed but not working

Did you remove the laptop battery while replacing the screen? In this combination you still should see a very faint image on the new installed screen but the inverter board should light up the backlight inside the old screen.

If fujitsu siemens amilo pro v2010 laptop has this button, try tapping on it. A new LCD, more than the whole laptop is worth. Especially if it is dark in the room I can see more. Marcus December 8, I have found a same size screen from an Acer laptop. This button triggers the hibernation or sleep mode when the screen is closed.

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I checked with Acer and the support person on phone said this might be a screen issue and it may come around NOK USD to replace the screen. I fujitsy several times making sure that the video cable is okay but it still did not come up.

I just hope it wont turn dark after I push the F8 key. Billy January 27, I guess you can search for the LCD part number on the back side of the screen and then google it. Ratha September 22, When I start it now the power on button fujitsu siemens amilo pro v2010 flashing continuously. Amklo checked fujitsu siemens amilo pro v2010 the cable several times and disassebled smilo laptop at least 4 times.

There is no light but i can still see the picture from a specific angle.