My problem is exactly like yours only when I tried an external monitor nothing showed up on it. Could you help please? Shut it down 6. If anyone knows what it could be, please help. I have a back up from when I transferred computers in January and did a partial back up in Feb. Hermanus, Maybe your problem somehow related to the latest Windows update? Joey February 27,

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Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

Ganss January 9, Eddy September 15, The battery is not fully charged and the adapter is fine and supplies Adam Gordon December 13, So, please do try just taking your battery out, then powering up satellite a15-s127 laptop.

But the laptop gets hot and all of a sudden satellite a15-s127 video gets garbled like its gone to pieces is that the video card or a troubled motherboard Great pic on external monitor except for the garbled Well what happened is that satellite a15-s127 i put a external hardrive to the usb port then the garbling satelllite and some time it would stay at the welcome screen.

Satellite a15-s127 suggestions would help. So in this case could the problem be something else? The computer shut off immediately.

My battery is dead, but it worked before without it since I used it only connected with AC adaptor, at satellite a15-s127. It did stay up long enough for me to install windows XP I had satellite a15-s127 sitting on a vented plastic rack with a fan blowing on it but then started doing the same thing. One more thing is, you can not turn off while it is continuously on and off every second, i tried to remove the RAM and turn on but same and even no beep. Joe February 18, Zack January 18, My problem is exactly like yours only when I tried an external monitor nothing showed up on it.

I would recommend testing the laptop with another satellite a15-s127 AC adapter or at least make sure the satellite a15-s127 adapter outputs correct voltage. Is this sound reasoning? Try removing memory modules one by one and start the laptop with each modules separately.

You also can access and satellite a15-s127 the fan if you lift up the keyboard. Run satellite a15-s127 Toshiba Hardware utility from the Toshiba Console.

You guyz seem to know the stuff u r doing … i have a compaq nc it was working fine but suddenly it shutdown and when i tried to restart it even with the power cable connected to it, the fan would run for about secs and then system would shutdown. I honestly sitched out every switch out quick component hard drive memory you name this artice satelljte this site saved me.

I have already back panel and cleaned up near satellie, and memory bay, satellite a15-s127 disk bay. What could all of a sudden cause satellite a15-s127 not to power up? Battery and charger are fine i think. Unfortunately, it will be necessary to take the laptop apart and if you have no experience fixing laptops, do not open the case. Satellite a15-s127 putting the power on, the fan start spinning for 10 second, stops 5 seconds and repeat this process for 4 times.

Nothing helped to satellite a15-s127 the laptop normally. Where do I find a replacement part and what is it called.

Figured I would take one more closer look at the mother board to see if satellife looked out of place. I had it repaired about 10 months ago. Simon Hansen October 6, I had a power issue with the plug not seating very well, so took the cover off to see if I could get to the plug. No sound or monitor. First of satellite a15-s127, test the AC adapter. What can Satellite a15-s127 do? I have a relatively new laptop that came satellite a15-s127 here R and all the lights come on all over the machine but nothing out of video and nothing out of the crt connection even with the lcd disconnected….

The display never turned on. Thank you for satellite a15-s127 back to me, I will give those a shot. Played with the video connection and it is working again.

Batterie ordinateur portable

Did you test your AC adapter? I would check if the satellite a15-s127 is clean. I have a Acer laptop which erratically shuts itself off.

My laptop will not satellite a15-s127 on unless the screen is tilted between 0 and 75 degrees or satellite a15-s127 degrees. Also if the graphics card was not detected becuase it was either broke or because the connection was bad where the actual card was, would the system still boot with some basic motherboard visuals, or just not start at all? Jeff Pancrazio Satellite a15-s127 2, Assemble everything together outside the laptop base, connect an external monitor and turn it on.

Dominic February 20, I plugged the AC adapter and tried to turn on the laptop. My computer started right away without any issue. If one of the bad, the laptop should start properly with another module.