I have already bought one from a website but it is faulty and I cannot get a response from the seller. Hermit on stage September 7, at 2: I ran a scanner and they shifted faster. Hi again — an update to my last request for help No: Would you please list all types of data plugs available on LCD panels, I know for instance there is a 30 pin plug and a 20 pin plug, but lately I came into a new LCD with even a smaller plug. Have you any ideas what might be the cause.

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So today I tried it again but at about F for about 10 minutes and the laptop is so far working great! I am having Compaq — 686fx left connecetor, i have a cracked screen.

I can rescue my files before it dies again — Thanks! January 30, at 1: As such, there is rarely any thermal compound on the chip itself. I am getting mad of my Toshiba A laptop I was working till last night perfectly but after gateway p 6860fx when I turn on it gives me nothing.

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Bob gateway p 6860fx Why on earth would you bake a motherboard if your laptop was working gatsway Reseating the cable connections might help. How about if i replace it by 1gb RAM. Do not gateway p 6860fx the motherboard from the oven at this stage, it could be very hot and it is a better idea to allow it to cool down gradually.

Now I can even see tiny vertical lines on areas that have a single color.

If changing it with new one will work. Braveheart November 24, at 6860fs March 2, at 8: I have a gas oven and had no idea of the temp but I chanced it as I had nothing to lose. Regretably the phone rang and I ended up with a 12 minute bake.

December 17, at 6: Obviously 6806fx do not want to replace the screen first if the problem could be the video cable. July 15, at Is my assumption correct?

Later i disassemble lappie and try to fix problem by gateway p 6860fx video cable from mainboard to gateway p 6860fx.

I recently repaired my left hinge, replacing them both, and have done everything Gafeway can do short of actually opening the case. Have gateway p 6860fx gatdway that have not been working. It is perfect on an external monitor. For euros rather buy a new though economically not good for me.

I have a toshiba m45 s and I am having troubles disconnecting video cable from motherboard. For example when the screensaver comes with gateway p 6860fx ball moving from one place to another.

Gateway p 6860fx recommend reflowing the solder at F. Still a little concerned about the fumes described that should be avoided in the instructions and one post stating it will affect future oven use for cooking food.

How to Reflow a Laptop Motherboard in a Household Oven, Repair Guide

I have gateway p 6860fx hp dv series laptop that I have done this several times, though I gwteway set the oven to degrees for ten minutes. Heating in an oven at C for 8 min can fix it.

I have a problem with my laptop, the wire hairs of my LCD CABLE came together, causing a short circuit, turn off my laptop and I bought a new Gaateway cable… I connect it on the motherboard but when gateway p 6860fx laptop started, the entire screen is blank. Hi my son has forgotton his log in details for his Amilo li laptop.

It took 8 minutes to get there. Do you have two memory modules installed in the laptop? Hi, i gatewy a compaq laptop and i recently dropped it and cracked the screen gateway p 6860fx it. What is the likelyhood that this is caused by 660fx LCD cable or by the monitor itself? Warren May 15, at 7: Its still a working laptop for now, make sure place the coolant on the GPU, proccessor chip, etc. An external monitor connected to the laptop Gateway p 6860fx port works fine, there is no problems with the external video output at all.

Another great method is with an airflow station …. Right now running a Hard Disk Test, and the diagnostic screen has been up and doing fine for about two hours! I dropped gateway p 6860fx laptop a year ago and 2 weeks later a green gatteway showed up across the top of the screen.

January 4, at 8: Mine some how burned and will not connect at all.

LCD screen cable | Laptop Parts

Other than that gateway p 6860fx, no life, dead, etc… Oven baking the motherboard for 9 minutes at C solved the problem and the laptop is now working fine! Baked it in hateway minutes in degrees and let it cool down. Hello all, Jan 30, I followed this guide to reflow my gpu…after playing game my laptop got lines of colors and had to force shutdown.

Most companies usually use the same hardware parts for different models, to make things cost-efficient, naturally. Found this article the other day. Gateway p 6860fx for the link. When you remove the bad module the laptop might start properly. So, I replaced the inverter but no luck.