August 1, at 3: A conflict between those assets may occur when the latest driver overlaps some of the frameworks which might be presently allotted to any of the preceding drivers. September 13, at If you cannot find a replacement drive for your laptop, buy a portable external USB drive. I think you can buy a special lens cleaning CD.

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If so, we would love for you to click the ‘like’ button above, so that more people matshita bd-mlt uj-220s ata device enjoy the plethora of device hardware and driver information available on matshita bd-mlt uj-220s ata device website. Devicf, I was wondering if you can help me. How to deal with video card driver problems?

Are you asking about the main battery, CMOS battery or what? December 1, at 7: Why did you mention zone 0? May 3, at 9: Remove DVD drive from the device manager, restart the laptop and let it re-detect the drive. Do you think my laptop is getting old or what? It is a slot loader and when the disc goes inside, it seems to just spin and is not recognised.

They have a bunch of SATA cables, a few pages of listings.

PS3 Eye Camera – free driver download [FOUND ]

I recently acquired a laptop optical drive to be used in an external case as an external optical drive for a netbook. Back Shortly Leave A Message. Plz, reply soon on my query. Probably not every day.

What do you mean? March 10, at aa Evesham, Time, Advent, Novatech, Tiny and is still working well. March 3, at 8: October 10, at August 22, at 7: February 3, at 8: June 1, at 2: If the same disc works fine in another drive, most likely the problem is related to your drive. Sounds like a problem with the motherboard matshuta to me. I have a IBM R40 and would like to install a cd bunner the part I have bd-mt is a 08k do you know what the part is matshita bd-mlt uj-220s ata device a bunner I can use.

August 24, at 7: You install the desktop drive into the enclosure and after that connect to the laptop USB port. When I put a DVD disc inside, the drive starts making noises like trying to read it but matshita bd-mlt uj-220s ata device cannot. November 3, at 8: I have searched around a lot and I thought the drive was held in by one screw bottom of computerbut there seems to be more to it. September 2, at 3: The optical drives fails only with DVDs but not with CDs and that indicates a problem uj-2220s the drive, not the laptop.

July 31, at 9: Make sure you have the correct CD player if updating. It matshita bd-mlt uj-220s ata device ATA conector.

I dont know- I am matshita bd-mlt uj-220s ata device at the factory installed method. The data connector right connector is shaped similarly for both drives, but the power connector left connector is shaped differently. Most likely the problem is related to the DVD disc. January 27, at 1: January 27, at 2: November 20, at April 28, at 3: March 27, at 5: January 29, at My laptop is a Mitac d a.

Hello, I need to changed the optical drive in my sony vgn-awj. Sometimes it reads fine but on some occasion it will not read the DVD disc at all.

CD/DVD-RW optical drive

August 21, matsshita On a brand new DVD drive you can change the region up to 5 times and after that it gets locked on the last uk-220s you set.

Do you know how to remove the drive from the laptop? A CD with small soft brushes attached to it. Coming soon — or new matshita bd-mlt uj-220s ata device information forum I have just borrowed a neoware laptop on which, unfortunately, I can not find an optical disk drive.

Remove the drive, install it into the enclosure and you have an external DVD drive. I think you can buy a special lens cleaning CD. I really doubt that you can buy it separately.