Test attaching usb printer to xp guest from win7 64bit host. Now its stuck on “windows is starting up” Forced a reset – VM hung following clicking the reset button on the “do you really want to reset” dialog. Selecting one results in the error message: When will there at long last a solution?? However there are no crashed of either the ghost or the guest. Benutzerkontensteuerung in Win 7 and now it works. I have diabled usb 2.

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In the client the device state is now shown as captured. Reinstalled, reinstalled guest tools – nothing works. Has anyone experienced the USB device problem in host type Windows server?

Update – philips speechmike pro 6274 3. This evening, I disabled the UAC for germans like me: This is all very annoying! On reboot Virtual box would not run intiially then ran at second request.

Either fix the issue or stop making a 64bit version that you cannot properly support.

This seems to still be an issue in the latest 4. Selecting one results in the error message:. This is the actual full scanner test.

Getting closer to a solution by the looks of it. The bug manifested itself in many ways; from crashing user processes to BSODs and even host reboots.

The device serial-over-USB port always works. Contact — Privacy policy — Terms of Use. Any help on this is much appreciated. Had to manually power down the whole system.

philips speechmike pro 6274 So it sounds like Royaltyrant has speefhmike same problem but he is getting further than me. The host displays a message saying that the driversoftware was not installed, added by ” VirtualBox USB Device unplugged”. Windows 7 x64 Upgraded from Vista Virtualbox 3. Is there a solution????????????????? Guest is Win7 32 Bit with installed guest tools. The only thing I noticed and this was also true of earlier versions is that after exiting speechmikke guest and then the VBox gui, my USB scanner was no longer recognized.

Are there any plans to fix this issue? I’ll philips speechmike pro 6274, and then post again.

Give me a hint and I will upgrade the priority. I “disabled” it from the command line so it showed disabled in the GUI, but the problem still occurred as above.

# (VirtualBox USB installation issue on Win 7 64 bit host) – Oracle VM VirtualBox

Still the same error trying to attach the printer though: Just upgraded from Vista Ultimate 64 bit German edition too where all was ok.

Hi In philips speechmike pro 6274 case can all the notes here be ported across to ? Wait for the machine to boot up completely. Host is phliips 64Bit Ultimate. It seamed to be 674 only a win 7, 64 bit problem. Opened 8 years ago. Please try again later and the following detail:.

Hello, I have the same problem host: