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Jan December 6, at Needless to say, I was disappointed due to the obvious unprofessional look of the presentation all those misspellings! I am a computer professional for many year.

If it works so well, then why is Dr. There is no need to put it off. No building address no head office addressthen its more likelly a scam. Menu Skip to content.

Quantum Vision System Review

They are simply press releases and nothing more. My personal vision improvement instructor who trained in the Bates Method was patient and knowledgable and I was able to change my seeing habits over time.

I am so grateful to all of you that posted your comments. They use that word as a casual technobabble hand wave in sci-fi all the time particularly when it involves free quantum vision system pdf download travel.

Econ April 1, at 1: You find out the IP address of where it is hosted… http: Even my son could tell its a hoax! I was wearing them for about 25 years.

Yet I felt somewhat confident about recommended exercises and decided to continue. This program shows how the prescription glasses actually impair your vision and the given eye exercises can strengthen the eye muscles that are responsible for good vision.

So, i sent a new one to support quantumvisionsys.

Sunglasses you do have to clean but not as frequently and I can wear them more on my own terms. Rocco May 1, at 4: Moe July 14, at 3: If you’re not happy Quantum Vision System is for you, within the first two months of buying this eBook, you’ll get a full refund!

Dr. Kemp Quantum Vision System Review (Ebook FAQ and PDF Download Guide) on Strikingly

It is also a tactic to obscure any customers who have posted complaints or alerts about fraudulent claims. Im trying to prove that this work by trying to follow it concensusly.

Werner Kaperonis December 21, at 5: Ron May 11, at 3: Jacky James May 13, at Free quantum vision system pdf download Thomas May 5, at Greatly appreciate all the astute observations from people.

But what i can say here is the costumer service is good because i got the refund within a few hours. Luckily I found this, and it killed any hope that it may not be a fake scam as I was worried.

I have not far to go, I am 75 years old thank God! Jack November 4, at It also lifts the lid on the Big Pharma conspiracy. Eye exercises do work. Mike May 11, at Did not receive it.