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In the Gravest Extreme | Assault | Self Defense

In the Gravest Extreme: Ayoob is brutally honest about both xetreme the realities of his subject. But, if the person is trying to beat the crap out of you, by all means shoot. Chapters 13 and 14 should be skipped – they have a lot of dated, false information about gravest extreme pdf download and firearms. This is a great book for the person considering carrying a firearm for self defense. Recently bought this gravest extreme pdf download cause of the good things folks here have said about it.

He has served as a part-time police officer in New Hampshire since and holds the rank of Captain in the Grantham, Massad Ayoob is an internationally known firearms and self-defense instructor.

In the Gravest Extreme: The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection

The book is about defending your life by the use of a firearm. Outstanding reference on using firearms to protect self and household. Will include dust jacket if originally came with one.

There is still a large amount of information in the book that is relevant.

In the Gravest Extreme: The Role of the Firearm in Personal Protection by Massad Ayoob

Dec 25, Scott Holstad rated gravest extreme pdf download it was ok. Skip to main content. But Massad Ayoob explains it much better than I do. So people who are attacking you with non-lethal methods ie, pepper spray to rob you There may be jurisdictions where you wouldn’t be indicted for armed response in that situation, but there are a lot of places where you would be If you own a firearm, or are thinking of owning a firearm, this is an essential read.

And if you do shoot someone, prepare to go bankrupt as you’re sued through the roof. However in recommending this book I must issue gravest extreme pdf download caveats. Despite these caveats much of this book gravest extreme pdf download holds true.

Read it years ago and I need to read it again. It is a very well written, informational examination of many different scenarios regarding violence and the use of firearms. The guns discussed, the calibers discussed, the role women play or do not play in self defense — all of these and more are beyond outdated.

Someone grabbing you by the throat is not usually a “Lethal Threat”.

Massad Ayoob is likely the most down-to-earth, reasonable, fair, and unbiased author of downlooad information in a world where everyone is an extremist when it comes to firearms. Thus, it is a gravest extreme pdf download act, which is the right of the victim.

Jul 23, Richard rated it really liked it.

gravest extreme PDFs / eBooks

Since then lightweight, gravest extreme pdf download polymer framed pistols have spread like wildfire throughout the public and the law enforcement community. I’m sad to say I can’t recommend this book.

See details for description of any imperfections. May 07, Dwain rated it liked it.

The punch felt like and had the effect of Mike Tyson extree the ring. It delves into very practical considerations pd which firearm to choose although this section is a little dated as it was written inwhen to use and NOT use a firearm, the repercussions of using one, and basic principals of handgun philosophy and use.

Gravest extreme pdf download like this book, it’s readable and authoritative. Nov 16, Nathaniel rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The fact that concealed carry is more popular than ever only increases the need for an easily digestible treatise on self gravest extreme pdf download laws for ” A must read for anyone!!

Massad Ayoob is considered a firearms guru.