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How many of the multi-tab Numbers workbooks do you have? A quick search and read indicates this is a proprietary format from micorosft, so unless someone has developed a MDI interpretter.

Could you perhaps copy a few lines of what you see in a Text Editor or XML viewer and paste it into a reply? Adobe Acrobat will do both of those automatically. October 2, at 9: Hi Bruce, great article. I am sort of laughing right now wprd I feel like the odds are working against me.

Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. There are certainly several options for converting PDFs to Word docs. No software needed — and remember, the Office Online programs are free for anyone to use, as long as you log in with your free Microsoft account.

What are you expecting when you open this file in Word? You say that “MDI format is simply an adulterated TIFF file”, please tell me a way to convert, in the server, programatically, without office, a. I have the same question You can convert the PDF into a Word document.

Then using the “Save As” converting a word 2003 document to pdf download, you can save the result to a Word docx.

March 30, at September 24, at The easy way to create a searchable PDF is to use a free webservice like: August 10, at 4: This could be one solution. I had a similar problem some time back but I was using tiff files.

Either of the ones it does have under Paste Special just yield an identical XML formatted document of code. Thanks for any help if possible. September 14, at 2: In reply to Yves Dhondt’s post on May 25, July 18, at 7: It doesn’t have anywhere near downloxd functionality of Excel. In my experience, it struggles with pages that were scanned or that have handwriting or marks on them.

Converting a Microsoft Document Imaging (.mdi) file to PDF (or JPG) in 01 – Stack Overflow

Cindy Meister replied on May 25, If the file is not editable, Word Online will turn it into a collection of page-sized pictures.

Have you got any tips for those of us with not OCRed PDFs, that cannot afford to pay Adobe and whose life depends on having an editable word file rather than a picture.

Do you have contact with the person? In essesnse, it would be the same as installing any other “component” on the server.

How To Convert A PDF Into An Editable Word Document

A database table could be used to coordinate the state of the job, i. Jerry AustinReimer replied on February 26, PDFs are used for everythingfrom scanning the mail to exchanging contracts during negotiations.

A few months ago it became possible also to use Word Online to convert PDFs to documfnt Word documents right there in your converting a word 2003 document to pdf download. Click here for info about that. I will definitely try pro versions for my business.

October 21, at 2: If it’s bWord is just treating the XML as plain text.