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Thus the simple present of the above verb is write or writesand the simple past also called preterite is wrote. Many of the prefixed forms can also take -ed. Strong, class 5 or regularized.

The bare infinitive forms of verbs list pdf download, identical to the base form of the verb, is used as a complement of most modal verbs and certain other verbs I can write ; They made him write ; I saw you writeincluding in negated and inverted sentences formed using do -support He doesn’t write ; Did you write? The form stricken is limited to certain adjectival and forms of verbs list pdf download uses. More detail can be found in downloadd article Uses of English verb forms and in the articles on the individual tenses and aspects.

Weak with vowel shortening or regular ; shodden by analogy with strong verbs. There is a progressive infinitive to be writing and a progressive subjunctive be writing. The base form fotms is used regularly as an infinitive, imperative and present subjunctive. See English modal verbs. WeakFrench loanword conjugated perhaps by analogy with teach—taught. For an action that was completed before the past time being lost to, the past ddownload is used: Weak with devoiced ending or regular.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some exceptions include forms such doownload singeingdyeingageingrueingcacheing and whingeingwhere the e may be retained to avoid confusion with downloxd identical words e. Some of the forms used in Early Modern English have now fallen out of use, but are still encountered in old writers and texts e. The progressive or continuous aspect is expressed with a form of be together with the present forms of verbs list pdf download of the verb.

Often these combinations take on independent meanings.

For certain other specific topics, see the articles listed in the adjacent box. Modal verbs except must also have -t or -st added to their form, e. These are the same rules that apply to the pronunciation of the regular noun plural suffix -[e]s form the possessive -‘s.

Weak with vowel shortening and devoiced ending or regular. For the use of subjunctive forms, see English subjunctive. Fill in the missing forms.

This term may also include verbs used with a complement downloav by a particular preposition that gives it a special meaning, as in take to someone. Weaknow regular archaic raught from original conjugation like teach. The forms hath and doth are found in some proverbs ” Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned “, ” The lady doth protest forms of verbs list pdf download much “.

Most irregular verbs have three principal parts, since the simple past and past participle are unpredictable.


Originally strong, class 6now regular, but with misshapen and archaically shapen still used adjectivally. This tense has other uses besides referring to present time; for example, in I’ll be glad if he writesit refers to future time. The spelling born is used in passive or adjectival contexts relating to birth.

The base form or plain form of a verb is not marked by any inflectional ending. Verbs ending in a consonant plus o also typically add -es: It also has two past tense forms: I have started, you had started, he will have started, it was started. Weakonce with coalescence of dentals and devoiced ending, but now regular; went is used as the past forms of verbs list pdf download go.


Various rules apply for doubling final consonants. By analogy with strong, class 3. In some verbs, a shortened form -st appears: Doanload example, from the base form existall the inflected forms of the verb existexistsexistedexisting can be predictably derived. The verb bereave is usually regular, but bereft survives as past participle, with distinct meanings.

These complements normally follow any objects. The past participle is beenand the present forms of verbs list pdf download and gerund is the regular being. Though the list of verbs irregular downllad the preterite or past forms of verbs list pdf download is long, the list of irregular present tense verbbs is very short.

Regular in the meaning “tell an untruth”. An example is sink: Preceded corms toit forms the to -infinitive, which has a variety of uses, including as a noun phrase To write is to learn and as the complement of many verbs I want to writeas well as with certain adjectives and nouns easy to ride ; his decision to leaveand in expressions of purpose You did it to spite me.

Regular + Irregular verbs | Exercises + List | PDF

The simple future is will writethe future progressive continuous downloda will be writingthe future perfect is will have writtenand the future perfect progressive continuous is will have been writing.

Strong, class 3 or regularized. Gerund forms are often used as plain verbal nounswhich function vegbs like common nouns in particular, by being qualified by adjectives rather than adverbs: In the case of the verb be forms of verbs list pdf download, such forms included art present tensewast pastwert past subjunctive and beest present subjunctive; pronounced as two syllables.

We will be sitting on the beach this afternoon ; We will have left the house by 4 o’clock. Strong, class 2sometimes switching to weak with vowel shortening.

Strong, class 6now usually regular; drug is used in some dialects. Weak ; had results from contractionforms of verbs list pdf download OE haefd.

Traditionally though now usually in formal English only shall is used rather than will in the first person singular and plural; see shall and will. He is brushing his teeth now.

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